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Discover RLX Sound Canvas, the innovative tool transforming the way we perceive and create album artwork, combining artistic insight with advanced technology to bring your music's visual companion to life.

RLX Sound Canvas - Try It Now!

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is revolutionizing the art of music visualization by offering bespoke album art descriptions that capture the essence of your sound. With its integration of DALL-E and browser capabilities, RLX Sound Canvas provides a seamless bridge between visual art and music, enhancing the creative process for artists and designers alike. The service extends to audio renditions of art descriptions, enriching the artistic narrative and audience engagement.

In the realm of music, the visual component can be just as telling and powerful as the melodies and lyrics themselves. Enter RLX Sound Canvas, a state-of-the-art tool designed to add depth, context, and visual narrative to your music through eloquent album artwork descriptions.

The RLX Sound Canvas Experience

RLX Sound Canvas is not just a tool; it's an artist's ally in the digital age. By analyzing album art, it captures and conveys the colors, composition, and mood of the artwork without critiquing or assuming the artist's intent. Whether it's the vibrant energy of a pop album or the introspective aura of an ambient set, RLX Sound Canvas tailors its descriptions to suit the genre and artistic direction.

Bridging Music with Visual Art

What sets RLX Sound Canvas apart is its ability to bridge the auditory with the visual. Using DALL-E, it can extend its functionalities to not only describe but also generate complementary visual elements. Meanwhile, its browser capabilities ensure that all descriptions are informed and up-to-date with the latest artistic trends.

Beyond Visuals: The Sound of Art

Taking the experience a step further, RLX Sound Canvas partners with Realystic to convert these visual descriptions into audio format. With six distinctive voices to choose from, artists can offer fans a unique sensory experience that heightens the anticipation for the music itself. Contact us if you'd like to hire us to make audio versions of the descriptions and or create even more detailed cover art for your next album or music related project.

Reason Collab

The image below we designed for Reason's up coming album and latest song which we'll update this blog post with a link to the music where you can buy it as well. It's an amazing track and we're excited to Collab with reason while kicking off this new RLX Sound Canvas GPT!


RLX Sound Canvas is redefining the synergy between art and music in the digital space. By providing creative and accurate descriptions of album artwork, it facilitates a deeper connection between the artist's vision and the audience's perception. For those ready to explore the auditory landscape of their album's visual art, RLX Sound Canvas is your guide to a richer, more immersive musical journey.

Realystic Team

Sound Canvas Description - Example

This album art presents a visually stunning and richly detailed scene. At the forefront, there is a solitary figure seated at a piano, suggesting a focus on musical creation or performance. The individual is positioned on what appears to be a circuit board floor, hinting at a fusion of music and technology. This is accentuated by the neon musical notes that float upwards, seamlessly blending the digital and the melodic.

The background features a futuristic city skyline bathed in the warm glow of a setting or rising sun, invoking feelings of hope and the promise of a new day. The presence of a colossal, swirling planet in the sky, adorned with patterns resembling a blend of celestial and musical elements, adds a cosmic scale to the scene, suggesting themes of universal music or the interconnectedness of all things.

The color palette is dominated by deep blues and purples, contrasted with vibrant pinks and reds, creating an atmosphere that is both mysterious and inviting. The use of light and shadow, along with the sparkling stars, gives the artwork a three-dimensional depth and a sense of vast space.

This piece might be well-suited for an album that explores themes of electronic or ambient music, perhaps with a conceptual narrative relating to space, futurism, or the symbiosis of organic and synthetic sounds. The artwork exudes a mood of contemplation and grandeur, perfect for music that seeks to transport the listener to other worlds or states of mind.

Created using RXL Sound Canvas,

Cover Art Created by Realystic, by Robert