RLX Analytics

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RLX Analytics is a user-friendly, privacy-first web analytics tool designed to help you understand your website's performance through real-time insights, heatmaps, session replays. Elevate your digital strategy with detailed weekly and monthly reports.

RLX Analytics at Realystic

In today’s fast-paced digital world, understanding your website's performance is crucial. Realystic introduces RLX Analytics, a service designed not just to track interactions but to provide comprehensive, understandable, and privacy-respecting insights into how users engage with your site.

Why RLX Analytics Stands Out

RLX Analytics goes beyond traditional analytics tools, offering unique features that cater to businesses and website owners who value both depth of insight and simplicity.

Key Features:

  • User Journey Tracking: Capture the full story behind each visit with our intuitive tracking and session replay tools, bringing you closer to understanding your audience's needs without compromising their privacy.
  • Real-Time Insights and Regular Reporting: Get immediate feedback and regular, detailed insights with weekly and monthly reports on your site’s performance, user engagement, and traffic trends.
  • Heatmaps for Intuitive Analysis: Utilize our heatmaps to see what parts of your site capture your audience's attention, optimizing your site layout and content placement based on actual user interactions.
  • Detailed Help Systems: Benefit from an extensive help system that includes onboarding guides and advanced usage tips, designed to assist you at every step of your analytics journey.
  • Privacy First: Your data privacy is our top priority, ensuring your information is never sold and remains under your control at all times.
  • Seamless WordPress Integration: Enhance your WordPress site with our exclusive plugin, simplifying analytics integration and offering direct access to insightful data without leaving your RLX Analytics dashboard.

Customization and Integration:

  • In-House Development: RLX Analytics is developed by Realystic, tailored for all sites within our network and available to our clients and customers.
  • Flexible Integration: Offers a separate WordPress plugin for easy integration and custom HTML code for any website platform, ensuring broad applicability and ease of setup.

Why Choose RLX Analytics Over Others?

RLX Analytics distinguishes itself through simplicity, actionable insights, a privacy-first approach, and unparalleled flexibility in integration. It’s the analytics tool designed for website owners who demand more: more insights, more support, more respect for privacy, and more adaptability to their unique digital environments.