RLX FlipU v1.0.0 for Blender 3D & ZBrush

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Tailored for seamless ZBrush compatibility, this tool simplifies the UV flipping process, streamlining your workflow and enhancing texturing efficiency.

In the realm of 3D modeling and texturing, UV mapping plays a crucial role. Recognizing this, the new RLX FlipU addon, crafted by Robert White, enhances Blender's UV editing capabilities. Specifically tailored for compatibility with ZBrush, RLX FlipU introduces a set of tools that simplifies the process of flipping UVs, ensuring seamless integration with various 3D software.

Overview of RLX FlipU

RLX FlipU is a novel addon for Blender, offering specialized features for UV manipulation. With a focus on ensuring compatibility with ZBrush, it provides a straightforward solution for flipping UVs vertically within the UV Editor. This functionality is especially beneficial for artists who frequently switch between Blender and ZBrush in their workflows.

Note from the Creator: The inspiration behind RLX FlipU stemmed from personal experiences with my team while working with ZBrush and Blender 3D workflows and how uv maps are handled between both applications with our 3d mesh designs. This addon is a fix that helped us fix issues with in our pipeline and workflow.

Key Features

  • Vertical UV Flipping: Easily flip UVs vertically for ZBrush compatibility and back, directly within Blender's UV Editor.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitively designed panel in the UV Editor's N-panel, offering quick access to flipping functions.
  • Efficient Texturing Process: Streamlines the process of UV manipulation, saving time and reducing the need for repetitive tasks.

Enhancing Your Blender Experience

  • Streamlined Workflow: Facilitates a more efficient UV editing process, especially for artists working between Blender and ZBrush.
  • Flexibility in Design: Provides the ability to quickly adjust UVs for compatibility with other 3D software, enhancing the overall texturing workflow.
  • User-Centric Development: Developed with the specific needs of 3D artists in mind, ensuring a practical and useful tool.


  • RLX Cutter will be available in various licenses to cater to different needs:
  • Indie License: For individual artists and small projects.
  • Professional License: For professional artists requiring advanced features.
  • Studio License: Tailored for studios with multiple users.

Compatibility and User-Friendly Design

RLX FlipU is compatible with Blender 3.6.5, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with the latest version of Blender. Its design focuses on ease of use, making it a suitable tool for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Supporting Your Creative Process

At Realystic, we are committed to developing tools that support and enhance the creative process of Blender users. RLX FlipU is a testament to this commitment, with comprehensive support and documentation available to assist users in maximizing the addon's capabilities.


RLX FlipU is more than just an addon; it's a vital tool for any 3D artist looking to streamline their UV workflow in Blender, especially those requiring compatibility with ZBrush. Keep an eye out for its release and prepare to experience a more efficient UV editing process!

Engaging with Our Readers

We are eager to hear how RLX FlipU will fit into your Blender projects. Feel free to share your experiences and how this tool could simplify your UV mapping workflow!

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